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This guide is a collection of information and documents related to the HVAF thermal spray process.

HVAF vs HVOF Comparison

HVOF guns (JP5000, Diamond Jet) are compared to HVAF (M3 by Uniquecoat Technologies).

Cost Comparison: JP5000, Diamond Jet, M3

Cost of spraying of 1 kg of powder.

GunJP5000 (HVOF)Diamond Jet (HVOF)M3 (HVAF)
Particle velocity, m/sec600-700>1,000
FuelKeroseneHydrogen Propane, propylene, or natural gas
Kerosene consumption, L/hr30--
Air Consumption, m3/hr-22.26430
Oxygen consumption, m3/hr6013.85-
Propane consumption, kg/hr-28.8
Hydrogen consumption, m3/hr-41.06-
Type of coolingwaterair/waterair
Spray rate (hard facing alloys), kg/hr75.423
Spray rate (WC-based), kg/hr94.228
Cost of spraying of 1 kg of WC-based powder (fuel and oxidizer only)*, USD$10.40 (liquefied)
$15.56 (bottled)
$40.60 (liquefied)
$43.10 (bottled)
Cost of spraying of 1 kg of metal powder (fuel and oxidizer only)*, USD$13.40 (liquefied)
$20.00 (bottled)
$31.70 (liquefied)
$33.70 (bottled)

Kerosene price - $4/gallon, oxygen price - $1/m3 (liquefied), $1.76 (bottled). Delivery cost not included. Hydrogen price - $251.42/12 pack cradle

Relative Decarburization (WC-based Coatings): Diamond Jet, M3
Relative Decarburization13%54%

Abrasion Resistance: JP-5000 (HVOF), M2 (HVAF), M3 (HVAF)

* Tests performed by H.C.Starck

Corrision Resistance

HVAF coatings can be corrision resistant "as sprayed" with no additional sealant application.

Coating Morphology

Coating morphology.

Coating morphology.

  1. JP-5000™ is a trademark of Praxair S.T. Technology, Inc.
  2. Diamond Jet™ is a trademark of Sulzer Metco Management AG
  3. M3™ is a trademark of Uniquecoat Technologies, LLC