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This guide is a collection of information and documents related to the HVAF thermal spray process.

HVAF Studies and Publications

[PDF, 7.23MB]
"Evaluation of thermally sprayed coatings."
Kari Niemi, Jussi Laurila and Petri Vuoristo. Tampere University of Technology. 33720 Tampere FINLAND. 02.11.2009.

HVOF coatings sprayed by Praxair Surface Technologies are compared to HVAF coatings sprayed by UniqueCoat Technologies.

[PDF, 1.74MB]
"Comparison between High-Velocity-Air-Fuel-(HVAF) and Cold-Gas-Spray (CGS) by evaluating mechanical properties of Ti-6-4- and INCONEL718-coatings."
Nicolaie Markocsan*, Christophe Lyphout*, Lars G. Östergren**, Max Sieger***. 02.16.2011.

* Production Technology Center PTC, Department of University West, Trollhättan/Uddevala, Sweden
** Volvo Aero Corporation, Trollhättan, Sweden
*** Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, German

HVAF and CGS coatings are compared. Location C designates HVAF "SAF" M3 spray gun (UniqueCoat Technologies).

[PDF, 1.75MB]
"Development of a Novel Erosion Resistant Coating System for Use on Rotorcraft Blades."
Matthew D. Trexler PhD
Victor K. Champagne Team Leader, Innovative Materials & Processing Team
US Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
Army Research Laboratory
Materials and Manufacturing Technology Branch
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5069

Jack Kopchik,
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp

HVAF coatings sprayed with SB500 HVAF gun (Uniquecoat Technologies) are evaluated for use on rotorshaft blades.

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